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     The year was 2020.

     The whole world was on the brink of total collapse. The virus had run rampant infecting all who stood in its path.  Everything shut down. There was no end in sight.  Infants were ripped from their mother’s teets and left to die in the streets only to get scooped up later and sold as meat to a starving population who normally wouldn’t eat discarded human babies but had no choice.  It was out of necessity.  It was all for the greater good. 


     A vaccine was sent out to fight the virus but it was too late.  Mutation after mutation the virus evolved into a normal part of our everyday lives pushing out all the things we held dear.  Friends... Family... Everyone had to make sacrifices.  The world changed. 


     Live music, festivals, and other gatherings were killed off. Darkness stretched from coast to coast and people were thrown out of their homes.  The power grid was seized and electricity was rationed.  Looting and violence reigned supreme.  Gangs and militias formed. it was a battle for survival. Territory and resource ruled The Wasteland.  Fires burned and scorched the earth as far as the eye could see. 


     Two major factions were born. First, The Federation as they were called, were able to consolidate power in most of the large cities across the wasteland.  They controlled what was left of the government and those loyal to it.  When power was seized by The Federation many opposed it.  Hundreds of thousands of people fought and died trying to keep their freedoms.  Ultimately the rebels were forced into the shadows. 


     Then, when it seemed like all hope was lost, something happened that would change the course of human history forever.  A whisper was growing ever louder by the minute.  The resistance was born... 


     MODWASTE emerged.

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